Momentuum has the proven ability to deliver a seamless mix of technology and services to deliver industry specific solution platforms tailored for unique specific business needs within each sector. Below are Momentuum's key service lines:
Financial Restructuring Sector

Improvement in Client Intake
Conversion of Paper to Digital
Improvement on Overall Efficiency
Faster Claims Processing
Records Under Management
Clients Served
Documents under Management
Retention Percentage
More features
All of our solutions are built on a solid framework - a proven robust platform

Our platforms are all web-based making the rollout, access and support very easy.
Authenticated Roles
Security Profiles drive the functionality each user can see and we allow great flexibility in create which roles perform which tasks
Full Audit Trail
Each transaction in our system is logged to provide fingerprinting thought the life of a record
Mobile Ready
All of our systems are readily available and easy to access from any browser on any hardware
Easy to Navigate
Each aspect of our system is designed with careful attention to an elegant design of the user interface
Our solutions are Canadian Designed, Built, Supported and Hosted.
Trust and Estate Sector
Providing Support to the Trust and Estate Practitioners. Providing solutions to help all stakeholders provide a secure and auditable way to share up-to-date information on a trust.


Providing a robust platform to allow Immigration professional to focus on their clients with the peace of mind that the administration can be handled efficiently, securely and to compliance standards.

A deep rich understanding of the true value of the service our clients provide, allows us to design and deploy effective multi-channel communication programs. Programs specifically geared not only towards acquiring new but also retaining existing relationships.

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